My aha moment – Twitter live chat

Tonight, I participated in my second live Twitter chat #aussieED I liken it to learning on the run!


#aussieED is a live Twitter Chat on Sunday nights AEST @ 8.30pm. It appears to go for approximately 1 hour and anyone can join in.

It was fast pace and I found myself running to catch up. But then… I just took a breath and read the posts and started reflecting (quite quickly) on the questions being posted.  There were six questions posted tonight by a moderator who kept the live chat moving.

Britt & Paulus’s article “Beyond the Four Walls of my Building” (2016) highlights the benefits of a live Twitter chat. Twitter Chats provide “…opportunities for learning” along with expanding my personal learning networks “…where others become a source for my learning”.  This was certainly true for #aussieED.

What I also liked was the visuals that were posted…they have got me thinking about the way online learning is transforming the way I learn.

Evolution of Personalised Learning

7 ways to use technology with purpose

Digital toolbox


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