Netiquette Guidelines

To assist in developing a “healthy online community of practice” (Staples, 2016) Shea has developed ten core rules for behaving appropriately online known as Netiquette.  “Netiquette is a set of rules or guidelines for appropriate academic behaviour in an online course” (Epigeum, 2014) .

What was interesting was when participating in a recent Twitter Chat it became evident to me that participants appeared to be getting a little annoyed with one another.  There responses to each other seemed to be a bit curt.  It reminded me of the importance of Netiquette and the opportunity to re-visit the Netiquette rules when engaging in online discussions.

It is also important to consider when designing an e-Space for students as part of their learning space in a school.

My Netiquette Poster – to assist when online with others:

Netiqutte Rules.jpg






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