Reflection to date

For EDFD459 we’ve been asked to reflect on our journey to date and celebrate what we’ve learnt.

My two AHA moments


  • Discovering and unlocking Twitter – I feel I’m only just beginning my journey with Twitter. I was a sceptic before this course as to me I thought Twitter was for people who were ‘famous’ or ‘popular’ who shared quotes or their views on a topic.
  • Being exposed to so many new online tools that are there to help me in my learning.

Digital toolbox

 Challenging moments

  1. Being tired and trying to study

Minion tired

Image retrieved from Google Images 2016.

2. Taking over 3 hours to work on one poster for a forum! Just to rise to the challenge our lecturer had set us to try and demonstrate my understanding of the three different learning environments through a visual!

I spent so much time on the visual but I also need to make sure that I have learnt something about the three learning environments at the same time!







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