Progress or lack there of with Assignment Two

I am feeling like I’m spinning and getting no-where with Assignment Two.

What I’m reflecting on are Adam’s words that it is not about reviewing all the readings and putting that into the assignment. It is creating an interactive and dynamic session.

However right now all I feel like I’m doing is reviewing the readings to try and find a solution…

I have just finished reading Pappas’s article on – A Taxonomy of Reflection Critical Thinking For Students, Teachers, and Principals (Part 1)

The article has me now reflecting on my own progress for the assignment.


Remembering: What did I do? I set about working on the assignment – breaking it down into the six learning spaces. For Personal space I have reviewed the readings

Understanding: What was important about it? For the personal space – trying to identify what is it I can take from the readings to assist me with this first part of the assignment

Applying:  Where could use this again? Once I work out the Personal Space – I can use this ‘formula’ for the other five spaces

Analysing: Do I see any patterns? No I don’t at the moment and that’s my challenge

Evaluating? How well did I do?  Not very good at the moment as I can’t see that what I am doing is working – I need to ask for guidance but don’t want to be seen as going nowhere, when everyone else is so far ahead of me.

Creating: What should I do next? Ask for help.









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