I’m still stuck in Personal space!!!!

Ugghhh, this is just not me. I cannot work out or see a way of structuring my assignment to get me out of this cycle of nothingness!!!

I have spent the night working on what I look at as the personal space – only to now just realise that it is worth zero marks.  And the assignment is worth 50%!!!!

I have created slides on google docs which potentially I could use for the approaches and strategies…but seriously this is not working for me!!!!

I know Adam said I could get this – but right now I feel that with less than 14 days to go on this assignment – that I’ll FAIL!!!

I am spending so much time on the one topic as I my thinking is that if I can get this right then I can get the other 5 spaces flowing!!!!

What am I thinking?  Why do I decide to study thinking it will help me when I’m not even I the classroom. I am working in a totally unrelated job and am thinking a return to the classroom might, just might be a good idea!!!

Hmmmm – not a good night.

Rant over – at least I’ve emailed Adam to see if I can chat with him – to assist me to get myself out of this mess!!!!






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