I think I can!


I think I’m getting somewhere with my Assignment!  I think I can actually understand what we are supposed to be doing!

Tonight as I’m in “my zone” I feel a bit more like this:


I still feel like my assignment is a bit all over the place – but I’ve started working in the eSpace and I feel like it is making sense.

I’m finding that as I’m identifying Strengths and Challenges that a challenge can become a strength.

The other thing I’m getting a bit confused about is trying to separating out the strengths and challenges of students from teachers as they are two separate parts of the assignment.

I’m also trying to compile a list of Qs to ask Adam re my assignment.

And tonight I also reached out to the Twitter-icon world and posted a question regarding my assignment!   I created a visual to go with my questions, which I’m pretty proud of.  I used the software – Postermywall


I actually want to ask more questions and post some surveys. However I want to work out what I’m doing first so I don’t appear as if I am all of the place. Plus I don’t want to ‘wear out’ my welcome by asking lots of questions or asking people to fill in surveys and then go back again and again asking more questions.



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