Check twice – publish once!

Today I learnt an important lesson:  Check twice – publish once!

In the world of Twitter-icon you can’t edit or update an image once you post it!

I very proudly published a poster I created – and then found out today via my lecturer that I’d spelt a word wrong – it should be the ‘Liminal’ learning space!


The other lesson I learnt is that when using Postermyall – you can’t edit it once you’ve saved it and closed the programme!

So I’d have to re-create my really jazzy poster to correct my spelling!

Also in the world of Twitter-icon I learnt that if you only want to communicate with one person with whom you are following you can send them a message directly.  I had been sending a message that I thought was going to one person and learnt that I’d sent it out publically!! I’m always learning 🙂


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