Memories of excursions

As I was reading the ‘readings’ for Week 7, I reflected back on the excursions I participated in and organised when I was teaching.

One memory was the ‘formality’ of organising the excursions. I used to find it frustrating how there was so much paper-work involved. It was just as straight-forward to get the kids to walk around the outside of the school.

I remember hearing myself questioning why we needed so much permission!!!!

But then they’re safety standards to adhere too…My “excursions” I organised were:
Year 5 Camp to Gunpowder for 3 days

Year 6/7 Camp to Magnetic Island for 7 days (18 hour seated car train ride, walk through town, boat across to Magnetic Island); full day bushwalks, swimming at the beach;

Lake Moornandah (not the right name) – camping,canoeing, abseiling

NW Qld team to State athletics titles…

Some kids had never been outside their town, let alone a big city, train, boat …elevator, escalator, running track, traffic jams, beach, ocean (not a pool)



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