Learning at school – nothing to do with real life

I was just reading a quote is cited in Bentley  (p 1, 2012) which really resonates with me, reflecting on when I was at college studying to be a teacher.

“The things you learn in school are to do with education and to get you jobs.
You’re not really using them in actual life”

I remember thinking that I’d learnt more in my first six months of teaching than I had in my 3 years at College. At the time I thought that college was so far removed from the ‘real world’ of teaching!!

As Educators we have an opportunity to assist students continue to apply what they are learning through the formal setting of a school into real-life situations during and beyond their school years to assist in making decisions and solving problems (Bentley 2012).

Classrooms and schools often do not reflect the real life of which students will find themselves in.


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