The challenges Adam is setting us – reflecting real life

With a week to go before Assignment Two is due to be handed in I was reflecting today about what Adam has tasked us to do.

The Assignment is quite opened ended

  • It has structure in that it provides a context ie sets the scene as to what the problem is that we are needing to work on
  • There are parameters –
    • we have to identify the 6 learning spaces
  • And for each of the 6 learning spaces we have to outline what the
    • strengths and challenges are for students
    • strengths and challenges are for teachers
    • approaches, resources and strategies we could consider for the particular learning space when redeveloping it

The challenge is that whilst there are broad pararemters to follow – they are broad, there’s no specific steps to follow and how we interepret each learning space is up to us.
Adam is not wanting us to ‘regurgitate’ the readings and reference material – as this is readily available.

What we could do is identify the learning material and reference it  – through linking out to a Google Doc – for more specific information on that learning space.

Adam has said that he is wanting us to not to be guided by the literature but take the reader (or in our case) the Principal of the school – out of the classroom and identify what are the strengths and challenges for the students and teachers.

In a way this mirrors real life – we as teachers (or in my case – potentially going back into the classroom) {Or in my actual situation me as a leader of a team working with my team in managing a programme} guide and ask our students to go on a journey with us every day.  For some students they may get the ‘problem’ we are talking about straight away and can apply it to a situation, however for other students it doesn’t make sense and they need to work out a way to distil the information we are presenting to them and unravel it to make sense to them…

Beyond the classroom is challenging us to not think of teaching as information sharing but on taking students on a learning journey with us.

A bit of jigsaw puzzle for learning.






Google Images. (2016). Jigsaw pieces. Retrieved from:




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