The closer I get the further away I am….

I know that this sounds like an oxymoron but it is really how I feel.  The closer the date for the deadline for my Assignment – the further away I feel that I am from completing it.

I am sure I am overthinking it…I have way too much time on the Group, Collaborative and Cooperative learning spaces…and I know I’ve still got to work on the Classroom, Beyond the Classroom and the Liminal…and then to go back to the Personal!

I feel like I am ineffectual in my learning. I know I place high expectations on myself!

I was thinking yesterday back to when I first enrolled in this course and was talking to one of the lecturer’s who at the time said that I need to enjoy myself and not be all consumed by the study. I need to balance my university studies with my family, home, friends and work.  Right now the pendulum is heavily weighed towards the study and I’m neglecting my health and my family. I’m exhausted and know that I just need to keep going.

I have a new job and that is taking lots of my focus (as it should)…I have some travel coming up with work and next term we have lots of commitments already with school, work and family.  I know that I need to take the time out and not say yes to everything. By trying to do so much I’m not doing a good job at anything!

I feel like this PLN is my diary and my way of expressing how I feel. I know that this is not really what it is meant to be…but it is a way to capture how I feel.

I really don’t know how I’m going to get there for Sunday night 11.59pm in handing in my assignment.




Postermywall (2016). Aaron M, Panic Now and Freak out,  Postermywall:



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