The Liminal learning space


 This is a post from instagram that really resonates with me.  “I can’t go on, I’ll go on.” To me it depicts really nicely the Liminal state I’ve been learning about.  I feel at times that I can’t go on and just don’t get it, but then I plough through, reach out, talk to others and continue.
This assignment has challenged me, exhausted me, deflated me, and at times left me feeling exhilarated and loving the whole concept of learning.  
The journey of learning is the process of getting there, no-one will judge me at the end.  It is where I land that matters to me and that I’m moving on to a new and different place. 
I found this poster on the twitter which I disagree with 
liminal-space especially when it says ‘no real progress can be made in this space and place’. Yes I agree that whilst you are in it, it feels you are not making progress but as you go through it – I feel the exact opposite! By being in this space and acknowledging it, progress is made through the journey and the state of being that you are in.

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