Thanks Adam

Today is a day to reflect and say thanks Adam.

I was struggling early in the piece with the concept of the personal learning space. I just didn’t get how I could incorporate what I was learning about personal learning sapces into my assignment.

I couldn’t visualise how personal learning spaces could look.

I remember Adam saying to me to just leave working on the Personal Learning Space and come back to it at the end! Which is what I’ve done.

I know I could add a lot more to the resources page and I’m sure it is not set out easily…but it’s what I’ve done and I’ve got to be satisfied with it. Plus the fact is’s just after 5pm and I’ve got 7 hours to go. And out of that I’ve probably only got 4 hours of productive time!!!

So to myself – the self -talk is…”Get on with it! And don’t fuss about the pretty stuff”

Thank you Adam 🙂




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