There are a plethora of resources that can be access from the TWOB website which has links out to them.  I am really enjoying the discovery of the wealth of resources that others are willing to share for free.  It really embodies the TWOB ethos of professional development for teachers being able to be accessed by everyone.
Jigsaw: “The Jigsaw Classroom is a cooperative learning technique that reduces racial conflict among school children, promotes better learning, improves student motivation, and increases enjoyment of the learning experience”

How good would it be to try and implement this technique in our classrooms, even for my son!

Cyberbullying training for teachers

file-video-icon1Unicef School in a box


Does the Device Matter



TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY RITA DAOU Syrian refugee children attend a class inside a tent at a Syrian refugees camp in the Lebanese village of Qaraoun, in the west of the Bekaa Valley on December 16, 2014. This school is one of the 47 education centres supervised by the International Rescue Committee (IRC) a non-governmental organisation in Lebanon, where some 1,1 million refugees have fled from the ongoing war in Syria. AFP PHOTO/JOSEPH EID (Photo credit should read JOSEPH EID/AFP/Getty Images)


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