“When Celie questions, a space opens… “

“When Celie questions, a space opens..”

To me this is a powerful quote from Teachers Without Borders website. This is quote taken from the “Colour Purple” on the TWOB Approach page.  We all have the innate ability to ask a question, by asking a question it opens our minds to learning.

I have never considered professional development for a teacher to be a social justice issue. The TWOB website has opened up my thinking.

  “By supporting the unlimited capacity of professional education to flourish, we (TWOB) support initiatives designed to help teachers create and share content, build communities, and determine their own fate.”

To me TWOB is empowering Teachers to be part of the change and make a difference.

TWOB is making me rethink the amazing opportunity we have been given to be a Teacher. Even in my case a teacher who has been out of the classroom for over 25 years.  I believe that I can make a difference, we all can make a difference.

It can be part of my meaning of life, which Frankl (2006) writes about in his book, Man’s Search for Meaning.

Other quotes that I’ve liked from the TWOB website include:

Brains are evenly distributed around the world. The key is to help unleash them, connect them, and share them.

TWOB is a Community of Practice but on a global scale – with Teachers from over 119 countries as part of the network. TWOB participants “connect, create and collaborate immediately with other teacher members worldwide” (TWOB, 2016).

TWOB is a site that has curated information from Teachers all over the world. Ahh the word curation – is starting to make sense!!!

I’ve just joined TWOB, I’m looking forward to the learnings as I explore their website.

The interesting thing about the TWOB website is the links to programmes available globally. One such example is Know My world 

For AT3 I’m leaning towards one of the following initiatives:

  • Girls Education
  • Bridges to Understanding
  • Child-Friendly Spaces, or
  • Education in Emergencies.

The photo gallery on the TWOB website is pretty eye opening and captures the essence of education in young people and in teachers. It is going to be interesting selecting one educational concern from the nine TWOB initiatives.

Just looking at the images the Child Friendly space has got me thinking as life in a Refugee camp would be pretty tough and I could imagine it would be nice to have a space where children feel safe to be in.


“It is education that sustains one’s future. It cannot be forcibly taken away by enraged kings and ministers. It cannot be plundered by robbers Nor can it be carried away by rolling floods.”

This quote is from the TWOB website and is a poem that has been sung by generations of Sri Lankans.   There are many empowering quotes in the TWOB website, I’m really enjoying discovering what motivates and inspires the TWOB website.



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