Deciding on an initiative from TWOB

I was thinking of Girls Education as an initiatve as there is lots of material and great links on the TWOB website.

I was also leaning towards Education in Emergencies. After listening today to the radio and learning that has killed 339 people across the Caribbean including 283 in Hati alone (ABC online, 2016).  And I was also spending the last day of the school holidays with my son before he heads back to school next week, after hearing of the devastation of the Hurricane it made me think:

  • how will the children in Hati and the Caribbean be spending their days with such devastation around them?
  • Will they be able to go to school?
  • Where will there school be?
  • How will they get to school?
  • Before they even worry about that – where will they sleep tonight?  what will they eat?
  • Are there family members safe?
  • Are they safe?

TWOB states that their focus for Education in Emergencies includes:

Today, TWB focuses on preparedness and planning, support for teachers in the midst of disaster, and helping organizations and individuals reconstruct society.

Teachers have always been first-responders. We rely on that local expertise and capacity for resilience so that teachers and institutions can address the complexity of needs communities face(TWOB, 2016).

However reading more into it the focus for Education in Emergencies more focuses on

  • an education course for Education in Emergencies – Assessment, Support, Awareness and Education.
  • Child friendly spaces
  • Earthquake, science and society (no not for me)
  • Girls education initiatives and course
  • Peace education initiatives and course

Bridges to Understanding looks interesting.  It is about

Classroom to classroom connections, worldwide. Digital storytelling in order to solve problems and learn FROM and WITH each other.

Or perhaps Child Friendly Spaces as this resonates for me. I can imagine finding a child-friendly space in a refugee camp would provide a welcome relief and distraction for children.  And it is a place where you could introduce the Bridges to Understanding programme as well. I did find the TWOB website a bit clunky to navigate with their links so will have to do some research as well on Child-Friendly spaces..

Just the articles on the TWOB website gets me eg:

when-in-doubt-send-in-the-teachers When in Doubt, Send in the Teachers

Twitter-icon The Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE) promotes access to quality, safe, and relevant education for all persons affected by crisis.

There are a number of websites I’ve found through just doing a google search on Child-Friendly Spaces:

Click to access CFS_Literature_Review_final_Aug_2012.pdf

Links to Education in Emergencies include:

global-coalition-to-protect-education-from-attack Global Coalition to Protect Education under Attack



ABC News online, (2016).  Hurricane Matthew brushes Florida’s coast after barrelling through Haiti, Dominican Republic. Retrieved from:

Teachers Without Borders, (2016).  Education in Emergencies. Retrieved from:

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