An imagery of my taxonomy of learning in EDFD459

I’ve experimented by using to illustrate my Taxonomy

I’ve not used Powtoon before but I’ve decided to embrace my journey of learning and give it a go! On reflection I could have added some sound and a couple of my slides at the end could have been shorter – but it is a start for me.

It is also interesting to reflect that I get frustrated when I’m learning new technology tools. I see what others have created and seem to have ‘tech envy!’ My self talk at times is is “that others are creative and clever and it just seems to not be easy for me”.

However I know that it just an excuse and doesn’t mean that I don’t learn or can’t share my experiences with others. It is just that I have a different way of expressing my thoughts.

I have also learnt to always check your work…and then to make sure I go back and check it again!!!  Tonight when I revisited my taxonomy I saw numerous spelling mistakes!



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