Mission Statement and Vision for my Future Learning Space


To develop safe, supportive and tranquil Child Friendly Spaces in Refugee Camps which can be freely and securely accessed by children.


Child Friendly Spaces in Refugee camps are learning spaces:

  • where children are able to safely and freely access physically or online any time of the day 24/7 without being victimised or bullied
  • that are mobile and can be set up at anywhere at anytime
  • that are portable and able to come to the child, if the child is not able to go to the designated location of the CFS
  • where children feel supportive
  • that are tranquil away from the tumult of the refugee camp
  • that encapsulate the holistic development of the child ie their Psychosocial wellbeing and development
  • where Educators are supported professionally and are committed to the needs of each child
  • that develop the child and teacher’s:
    • personal learning space
    • eSpace
    • group/collaborative space
    • space beyond the classroom


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