Learning from others


I’ve just finished watching our last Adobe Connect Session tonight for EDFD459. I’m always pleasantly surprised and in awe of our COP.

I am looking at the Assignments from AT2 that Adam has posted tonight as examples of good practice.  They are not good – they are excellent!

I’ve just watched a video on organsing or to use the correct term – ‘curating’ our web content via Symbaloo! I love how we are on a journey of learning – a continuous cycle of learning.

file-video-icon1I could possibly use this idea of Symbaloo – as an opportunity in my eSpace for students in Refugee camps – where a Teacher can set  a lesson online and students can complete it at their own pace….online.

Also from another AT2 assignment on the eSpace:

Teachers setting up classrooms on the internet/in the cloud for their students can set up Google Classrooms allow Teachers to set up collaborative learning with their students.

Espace for Regugee camp…Set up opportunities to learn teachers and students could use Google Classrooms – Wiki Spaces to collaborate together

If they need to ask a question after the adult/teacher has left their home/lesson they can log on and post a question…T could explore question with S and send comments etc at different times

Google Docs/Googel Drive/Showbie allow Ts and Ss to set post lessons in and expand learning

For Ss in early years could do Studyladder that is set generically

Challenge – need to get curriculum specific to where children live…


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