Oh my Goodness…the time keeps a ticking and I’m still playing around

I’m finding that each night I’m going onto Leo to check what questions/posts have been added for the day. I also go to the Twitter page for #EDFD459 and then click on the links and find myself being transfixed on what is happening in a Refugee camp, or reading a blog, or an online article about refugee camps.

I have been thinking about what Kayri and Adam said last night in ACS8 – that we need to not lose sight of the fact that yes we are basing our assignment on a refugee camp but we need to ensure we include what we are going to add in our learning spaces! And we need to choose the learning spaces.

For me I’m going to choose the:

  •  eSpace as there are great opportuntiites for students to learn online
  • group space – as the children can collaborate with each other online
  • beyond the classroom  – as they are not going to physically attend school – their school is beyond the classroom.

At the moment I feel as if I’m in the Liminal Space. Caught between wanting to do really well and with a fear of failure – not wanting to fail but not really sure where to go.

My feedback from Adam for Assignment Two was that the type of website I used didn’t enhance my content as much as it could have.

I’ve mucked around with Adobe Spark with a couple of different looks – what I want to try and do is work out how to make it easy to navigate. I’m thinking I could have links out to different pages and sites..

These are my two attempts at the moment – noting that the content and pictures are there at the moment just to see what the overall look of the site could look like:




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