A good reminder

When developing content for my Future Learning Space – it is important to stay focussed on the true intent of the learning space.

The learning space is to connect teachers to information and to each other to bring about social change.

It is also important to stay focussed designing the learning space for the future needs of the young learners in the Zaatari Refugee Camp.

A good way to stay on track when developing the Future Learning Space is to revisit the mission and vision on a regular basis. They are the foundations of the space upon which everything else is centered.



Keep going

Tonight, I’ve got into the zone quite late, again!!!

I’m adding content to my pages and working out where I should put the background of the Zaatari Refugee Camp eg the facts and figures about how many refugees in total, how many children, how many schools.

I’m keen to add in more information in the CFS section as to what is currently happening with some of the students…

I need to work out where I can share the stories of the children and families that I have researched that are not able to access school as they have to work or get married if they are girls…

I need to work out how I can include the Granny nannies in the learning and how I can get more information on each of my learning spaces that I want to include….

Hmmm lots to plan and think about…

I’m also keen to get feedback but don’t want to wear out my welcome with gaining feedback from Kayri….


Focus on my Future Learning Space

Assignment Three

Part A: You will design a future learning space that is based both in a refugee camp and on a contemporary educational concern that you identify having read the nine Teachers Without Borders initiatives. Underpinning your design will be two or more of the six learning spaces investigated during Module 2.

Your design, including your research, thinking, planning, questioning, aha moments and so on, will be housed your PLN.

Part B: At the same time as designing your future learning space, you will continue to develop your knowledge about managing a Personal Learning Network by using your PLN to show evidence of your Part A learning.


Eyes Wide Open on the Plight of Refugees

Having just read the plight of children without families in the Calais refugee camp – it leaves me thinking that we need to be more innovative in our thinking of how we can help these children and not be ‘stymied’ by decisions which ultimately creates more suffering and leaves children vulnerable.

The more I get into this topic, the more it opens my eyes to the vulnerability of the children and the plight of the refugees. It makes me more passionate about creating Child Friendly Spaces (CFS). The challenge as I see it is how we can make our CFS portable in refugee camps, especially when the camps themselves are being pulled down. I’m really beginning to see how the child’s psychosocial wellbeing is so important. To me CFS are not only important inside a refugee camp but also ‘outside’ as well to wherever children who are refugees land or end up!



The Guardian, (2016). Britain ‘did not respond’ to French pleas to take Calais child refugees. Retrieved from: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/oct/08/child-refugees-calais-camp-stranded-britain-ignored-pleas-home-office?CMP=twt_gu

Oh my Goodness…the time keeps a ticking and I’m still playing around

I’m finding that each night I’m going onto Leo to check what questions/posts have been added for the day. I also go to the Twitter page for #EDFD459 and then click on the links and find myself being transfixed on what is happening in a Refugee camp, or reading a blog, or an online article about refugee camps.

I have been thinking about what Kayri and Adam said last night in ACS8 – that we need to not lose sight of the fact that yes we are basing our assignment on a refugee camp but we need to ensure we include what we are going to add in our learning spaces! And we need to choose the learning spaces.

For me I’m going to choose the:

  •  eSpace as there are great opportuntiites for students to learn online
  • group space – as the children can collaborate with each other online
  • beyond the classroom  – as they are not going to physically attend school – their school is beyond the classroom.

At the moment I feel as if I’m in the Liminal Space. Caught between wanting to do really well and with a fear of failure – not wanting to fail but not really sure where to go.

My feedback from Adam for Assignment Two was that the type of website I used didn’t enhance my content as much as it could have.

I’ve mucked around with Adobe Spark with a couple of different looks – what I want to try and do is work out how to make it easy to navigate. I’m thinking I could have links out to different pages and sites..

These are my two attempts at the moment – noting that the content and pictures are there at the moment just to see what the overall look of the site could look like:




Learning from others


I’ve just finished watching our last Adobe Connect Session tonight for EDFD459. I’m always pleasantly surprised and in awe of our COP.

I am looking at the Assignments from AT2 that Adam has posted tonight as examples of good practice.  They are not good – they are excellent!

I’ve just watched a video on organsing or to use the correct term – ‘curating’ our web content via Symbaloo! I love how we are on a journey of learning – a continuous cycle of learning.

file-video-icon1I could possibly use this idea of Symbaloo – as an opportunity in my eSpace for students in Refugee camps – where a Teacher can set  a lesson online and students can complete it at their own pace….online.

Also from another AT2 assignment on the eSpace:

Teachers setting up classrooms on the internet/in the cloud for their students can set up Google Classrooms allow Teachers to set up collaborative learning with their students.

Espace for Regugee camp…Set up opportunities to learn teachers and students could use Google Classrooms – Wiki Spaces to collaborate together

If they need to ask a question after the adult/teacher has left their home/lesson they can log on and post a question…T could explore question with S and send comments etc at different times

Google Docs/Googel Drive/Showbie allow Ts and Ss to set post lessons in and expand learning

For Ss in early years could do Studyladder that is set generically

Challenge – need to get curriculum specific to where children live…


Mission Statement and Vision for my Future Learning Space


To develop safe, supportive and tranquil Child Friendly Spaces in Refugee Camps which can be freely and securely accessed by children.


Child Friendly Spaces in Refugee camps are learning spaces:

  • where children are able to safely and freely access physically or online any time of the day 24/7 without being victimised or bullied
  • that are mobile and can be set up at anywhere at anytime
  • that are portable and able to come to the child, if the child is not able to go to the designated location of the CFS
  • where children feel supportive
  • that are tranquil away from the tumult of the refugee camp
  • that encapsulate the holistic development of the child ie their Psychosocial wellbeing and development
  • where Educators are supported professionally and are committed to the needs of each child
  • that develop the child and teacher’s:
    • personal learning space
    • eSpace
    • group/collaborative space
    • space beyond the classroom



As I’m watching Generation StandStill a challenge that I’m trying to work out is how to include the challenges of life as a refugee…

  • Syrian Refugee children can’t go to school as they need to earn money to buy bread and gas for a large family
  • work 6 days a week
  • children not paid their full wage
    • 13 year old paid $20/week
    •  11 year old paid $14/week
  • walking to and from work is dangerous with cars on the road
  • employers mistreat workers – young children
  • nine children in the family to feed
  • father is not with them in the Lebannon as he’s been arrested.
  • drunk people in the camp and surrounding area
  • hostile attitudes towards refugees
  • Mother works 4 hours a day and gets paid $6.60
  • children can’t play in the Unicef kids play area – which is a metal slippery slide and swing set – they get into trouble by the other adults.
  • the play area for children is hard when they fall over -straight onto rock


An 11 year old boy in the family is working full time at a mechanics in a motorcycle repair shop and earns $14/week .  He gives his money to his family to buy food and tries to save some for himself.  “Feda works because he is a Syrian Refugee…he lives in a tent in Lebanon” (Walid, owner of motorcycle service) ) “cirumstances make him work”\…he lives in a tent in Lebanon”

“They need a caretaker…no one knows what will come of them..could become a beggar or destitute…he could have become a thief…he benefits from working for us”

To me they just don’t care for his welfare – they just want to use him as he is 11 and reliable…there is no education. They could send him to school once a week?

Faisal, 13 works 6 days a week from 7am and gets home at 6pm. and earns $20/week  “I’d like to study….I dream of studying..I wanted to be a Dr or open a cow farm….earn money to eat and live..pay rent..I work while the other kids study and play

Can’t study  – one wants to be a vet Amira is the mother from Homs in Syria

The kids miss stuying and can’t read, write or count but they can fix motorbikes, he learns visually…Veda wants to go to school to become a dr

The children’s passion and drive is to go to school!!! But there’s no schools.

“People who can’t read are nothing” Veda 11 years old

Valed left school because of the war, completed 7 grades

With no study they’ll hur you all your life

“Four out of Five children in Lebanon are not in school’

All the children just stay at home around the concrete factory with no school  = they all want to go to school and play

Alamas (mother) it is better to die than stay where we are, Id rather eat mud in Syria than live like this in Lebanon

15 year old living on own with brother to work in a concrete factory as Parents have gone back to Syria they send $200 to family each month. work 12 hours a day and make $60/week

I’m in the Liminal Space – I keep looking and researching the plight of the refugees…I need to move on and make some decisions as to what to include in my assignment and then develop a plan…..I know I can do this…I just need to….I don’t want to be strangled by not having a plan…

I need to map out my PLN so it is organised and makes sense.

I need to review the task for the assignment

Review what is required

Review the two assessments submitted and go forward…

I can try and use what Karyi quoted…..it is what is not happening that AT3 can address…

Providing opportunities for children to learn…if the children are going to work 6 days a week then they can have school provided to them at night time;

via a visiting bus

School can come to them

or they can go to a site on the refugee camp

It could be school could be 1 day a week/ 1 hour a week – 1 moment in time..

to provide opportunities….

Education – provides transformational opportunities….”getting a place in school is about more than just learning…. “One, it gives them longer term hope. But also it gives them shorter term stability, gets them back into the classroom they’re in a safe environment, they’re learning and they’re focused,” .

(From the video In Lebanon a double shift system works – the schools are opened up in the afternoon for the refugee children…the schools could open up in the late afternoon for a couple of hours for the children that are forced to work…..