AHA…a curated website!!!

My amazing AHA moment for the weekend…thanks to Fiona Longhurst I’ve found curated content site – Pearltrees and have created my own curated website which I’ve called Future Learning Space

I am sooooo excited about it as it was from the first Adobe Connect Session for EDFD459 when I became interested in what the word ‘curated’ meant?  It has never really clicked until now.

And I have Adam and Fiona to thank.

I love that I am always learning and I know that I’m a novice when it comes to website curation – however it is a great tool.

I was adding a resources page to my PLN  – and it didn’t look very organised – rather clunky! So now I’ve got a site where I can add all my findings through Twitter and other things that get shared by our COP.

I hope you like it.

I’d love your feedback!

My reflections on the possibility of education in the future for children in Refugee camp

My reflections after viewing ie-icon-16.png“What’s in my Bag” and file-video-icon1Clouds over Sidra

I agree that after viewing the two particular sites along with the numerous other VODs and sites on what is occurring for Refugees – the things that strike me the most are…

  • the Hope – the hope of a better future, the hope of returning home
  • the importance of Family and Belonging – belonging to their community, to each other and to their own country
  • there’s no place like Home – and the longing to be at home – to be, just be. And that the actual physical belongings are not important ‘the stuff’ we have even as I look around my room – is so cluttered and clustered – they are not important.
  • Sprit – the spirit of believing, of not giving up, of education
  • Support – to be supportive and have people that care, empathise and are their for the people, a supportive, caring teacher, educator, someone to listen
  • Pride in what they do – of education – to strive to learn and want to learn

Education can assist in:

  • guiding and engendering the spirit of self worth, self direction and self reflection
  • the tools to search and use technology for the purpose of connecting, collaborating, for reaching out, for supporting, for helping, for being
  • providing a space in Refugee camps to be away from harm, offer peace, security, protection
  • the development of the whole child – the psychosocial development

Education in a Refugee Camp – provides a beginning. A chance to not be just a child in a Refugee Camp but to be a child in the world. A world of the future.

My other reflection after reading through the posts in the our students forum is:

Thank you everyone for posting and sharing your thoughts and reflection –  reflecting on what is important to me:

We had to flee in the 2003 Bushfires here in Canberra. I didn’t have time to pack a bag – I remember as we were literally running out of our house I just grabbed my wallet (for my ID and access to my money), my phone and left with my husband.  Nothing else mattered except to be, to be safe and be together.  I remember thinking that I can re-build everything but I can’t leave without family (our son was born a few years after the fires).

The days after the bushfire (and yes our home was okay) I remember being in a surreal space where ‘things’ didn’t matter, my family and close friends were what mattered the most. I wasn’t worried about our photos or material things – we could start again and I would always have my memories of our photos.  I just wanted to be, to be together and just be…

The other reflection I have is the amazing empowering person, Saint Teresa of Calcutta.  Who supported, cared for and showed compassion and mercy for those who were poor and homeless in Calcutta.  Saint Teresa was building and empowering others for a better future, a future of hope, of belief in oneself, a safe environment.

This is really making me think!!!




Interesting Findings


I really enjoy the Twitter posts shared by others.

Twitter-icon@FionaM2f1 (Fiona Longhurst) share the superheroes blog post – about a young boy in a refugee camp who comes to school every day no matter what the conditions to learn…

When establishing Child-Friendly



Scott, N, (2016). On Superheroes. Retrieved from: https://nataliehscott.wordpress.com/2016/01/31/on-superheroes/




Deciding on an initiative from TWOB

I was thinking of Girls Education as an initiatve as there is lots of material and great links on the TWOB website.

I was also leaning towards Education in Emergencies. After listening today to the radio and learning that has killed 339 people across the Caribbean including 283 in Hati alone (ABC online, 2016).  And I was also spending the last day of the school holidays with my son before he heads back to school next week, after hearing of the devastation of the Hurricane it made me think:

  • how will the children in Hati and the Caribbean be spending their days with such devastation around them?
  • Will they be able to go to school?
  • Where will there school be?
  • How will they get to school?
  • Before they even worry about that – where will they sleep tonight?  what will they eat?
  • Are there family members safe?
  • Are they safe?

TWOB states that their focus for Education in Emergencies includes:

Today, TWB focuses on preparedness and planning, support for teachers in the midst of disaster, and helping organizations and individuals reconstruct society.

Teachers have always been first-responders. We rely on that local expertise and capacity for resilience so that teachers and institutions can address the complexity of needs communities face(TWOB, 2016).

However reading more into it the focus for Education in Emergencies more focuses on

  • an education course for Education in Emergencies – Assessment, Support, Awareness and Education.
  • Child friendly spaces
  • Earthquake, science and society (no not for me)
  • Girls education initiatives and course
  • Peace education initiatives and course

Bridges to Understanding looks interesting.  It is about

Classroom to classroom connections, worldwide. Digital storytelling in order to solve problems and learn FROM and WITH each other.

Or perhaps Child Friendly Spaces as this resonates for me. I can imagine finding a child-friendly space in a refugee camp would provide a welcome relief and distraction for children.  And it is a place where you could introduce the Bridges to Understanding programme as well. I did find the TWOB website a bit clunky to navigate with their links so will have to do some research as well on Child-Friendly spaces..

Just the articles on the TWOB website gets me eg:

when-in-doubt-send-in-the-teachers When in Doubt, Send in the Teachers

Twitter-icon The Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE) promotes access to quality, safe, and relevant education for all persons affected by crisis.

There are a number of websites I’ve found through just doing a google search on Child-Friendly Spaces:

Click to access CFS_Literature_Review_final_Aug_2012.pdf

Links to Education in Emergencies include:

global-coalition-to-protect-education-from-attack Global Coalition to Protect Education under Attack



ABC News online, (2016).  Hurricane Matthew brushes Florida’s coast after barrelling through Haiti, Dominican Republic. Retrieved from: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-10-07/hurricane-matthew-begins-to-cross-florida-coast/7912210

Teachers Without Borders, (2016).  Education in Emergencies. Retrieved from: http://teacherswithoutborders.org/eie/

Mission Statement TWOB

Teachers are the largest professionally trained group in the world – the key local catalysts of change and hope. Teachers Without Borders connects teachers to information and each other in order to bring about social change—worldwide‘. (Teachers Without Borders, 2016

I just love reviewing the Mission Statement above for TWOB. It is motivating and makes me want to be an educator again, connecting with students and making a difference to the lives of students.


There are a plethora of resources that can be access from the TWOB website which has links out to them.  I am really enjoying the discovery of the wealth of resources that others are willing to share for free.  It really embodies the TWOB ethos of professional development for teachers being able to be accessed by everyone.
Jigsaw: “The Jigsaw Classroom is a cooperative learning technique that reduces racial conflict among school children, promotes better learning, improves student motivation, and increases enjoyment of the learning experience”

How good would it be to try and implement this technique in our classrooms, even for my son!

Cyberbullying training for teachers

file-video-icon1Unicef School in a box


Does the Device Matter



TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY RITA DAOU Syrian refugee children attend a class inside a tent at a Syrian refugees camp in the Lebanese village of Qaraoun, in the west of the Bekaa Valley on December 16, 2014. This school is one of the 47 education centres supervised by the International Rescue Committee (IRC) a non-governmental organisation in Lebanon, where some 1,1 million refugees have fled from the ongoing war in Syria. AFP PHOTO/JOSEPH EID (Photo credit should read JOSEPH EID/AFP/Getty Images)


Social Psychology Network, (2016). Jigsaw Classroom.  Retrieved from: https://www.jigsaw.org

SimpleK12, (2016). Cyberbullying Training for Teachers. Retrieved from: http://www.simplek12.com/school-safety/cyberbullying-training-teachers/

“When Celie questions, a space opens… “

“When Celie questions, a space opens..”

To me this is a powerful quote from Teachers Without Borders website. This is quote taken from the “Colour Purple” on the TWOB Approach page.  We all have the innate ability to ask a question, by asking a question it opens our minds to learning.

I have never considered professional development for a teacher to be a social justice issue. The TWOB website has opened up my thinking.

  “By supporting the unlimited capacity of professional education to flourish, we (TWOB) support initiatives designed to help teachers create and share content, build communities, and determine their own fate.”

To me TWOB is empowering Teachers to be part of the change and make a difference.

TWOB is making me rethink the amazing opportunity we have been given to be a Teacher. Even in my case a teacher who has been out of the classroom for over 25 years.  I believe that I can make a difference, we all can make a difference.

It can be part of my meaning of life, which Frankl (2006) writes about in his book, Man’s Search for Meaning.

Other quotes that I’ve liked from the TWOB website include:

Brains are evenly distributed around the world. The key is to help unleash them, connect them, and share them.

TWOB is a Community of Practice but on a global scale – with Teachers from over 119 countries as part of the network. TWOB participants “connect, create and collaborate immediately with other teacher members worldwide” (TWOB, 2016).

TWOB is a site that has curated information from Teachers all over the world. Ahh the word curation – is starting to make sense!!!

I’ve just joined TWOB, I’m looking forward to the learnings as I explore their website.

The interesting thing about the TWOB website is the links to programmes available globally. One such example is Know My world 

For AT3 I’m leaning towards one of the following initiatives:

  • Girls Education
  • Bridges to Understanding
  • Child-Friendly Spaces, or
  • Education in Emergencies.

The photo gallery on the TWOB website is pretty eye opening and captures the essence of education in young people and in teachers. It is going to be interesting selecting one educational concern from the nine TWOB initiatives.

Just looking at the images the Child Friendly space has got me thinking as life in a Refugee camp would be pretty tough and I could imagine it would be nice to have a space where children feel safe to be in.


“It is education that sustains one’s future. It cannot be forcibly taken away by enraged kings and ministers. It cannot be plundered by robbers Nor can it be carried away by rolling floods.”

This quote is from the TWOB website and is a poem that has been sung by generations of Sri Lankans.   There are many empowering quotes in the TWOB website, I’m really enjoying discovering what motivates and inspires the TWOB website.



Frankl, V. E. (2006). Man’s Search for Meaning. Boston: Beacon Press

Teachers without Borders, 2016, Retrieved from http://teacherswithoutborders.org/approach/

Teachers without Borders, 2016. Retrieved from http://teacherswithoutborders.org/frequently-asked-questions/