I made it…

Wow, I made it…Assignment Two has been a roller coaster of emotions…

But I have submitted it!!!!

Could I have done better? Yes.

Did I try my hardest? Absolutely

Am I proud of what I submitted?  Yes and mostly

Am I relieved? Yes – I can now spend time with my family again

Did I learn new things?  I created a PLN, Developed a website, have become proficient at Twitter, starting learning about Pinterest…and lots more

Have  I learnt about myself?  Yes, I am in the Liminal State a lot of the time. I am persistent, resilient, tenacious, inquisitive, and am quite critical of myself!

Am I exhausted? Yes



Thanks Adam

Today is a day to reflect and say thanks Adam.

I was struggling early in the piece with the concept of the personal learning space. I just didn’t get how I could incorporate what I was learning about personal learning sapces into my assignment.

I couldn’t visualise how personal learning spaces could look.

I remember Adam saying to me to just leave working on the Personal Learning Space and come back to it at the end! Which is what I’ve done.

I know I could add a lot more to the resources page and I’m sure it is not set out easily…but it’s what I’ve done and I’ve got to be satisfied with it. Plus the fact is’s just after 5pm and I’ve got 7 hours to go. And out of that I’ve probably only got 4 hours of productive time!!!

So to myself – the self -talk is…”Get on with it! And don’t fuss about the pretty stuff”

Thank you Adam 🙂



The Liminal learning space


 This is a post from instagram that really resonates with me.  “I can’t go on, I’ll go on.” To me it depicts really nicely the Liminal state I’ve been learning about.  I feel at times that I can’t go on and just don’t get it, but then I plough through, reach out, talk to others and continue.
This assignment has challenged me, exhausted me, deflated me, and at times left me feeling exhilarated and loving the whole concept of learning.  
The journey of learning is the process of getting there, no-one will judge me at the end.  It is where I land that matters to me and that I’m moving on to a new and different place. 
I found this poster on the twitter which I disagree with 
liminal-space especially when it says ‘no real progress can be made in this space and place’. Yes I agree that whilst you are in it, it feels you are not making progress but as you go through it – I feel the exact opposite! By being in this space and acknowledging it, progress is made through the journey and the state of being that you are in.

The closer I get the further away I am….

I know that this sounds like an oxymoron but it is really how I feel.  The closer the date for the deadline for my Assignment – the further away I feel that I am from completing it.

I am sure I am overthinking it…I have way too much time on the Group, Collaborative and Cooperative learning spaces…and I know I’ve still got to work on the Classroom, Beyond the Classroom and the Liminal…and then to go back to the Personal!

I feel like I am ineffectual in my learning. I know I place high expectations on myself!

I was thinking yesterday back to when I first enrolled in this course and was talking to one of the lecturer’s who at the time said that I need to enjoy myself and not be all consumed by the study. I need to balance my university studies with my family, home, friends and work.  Right now the pendulum is heavily weighed towards the study and I’m neglecting my health and my family. I’m exhausted and know that I just need to keep going.

I have a new job and that is taking lots of my focus (as it should)…I have some travel coming up with work and next term we have lots of commitments already with school, work and family.  I know that I need to take the time out and not say yes to everything. By trying to do so much I’m not doing a good job at anything!

I feel like this PLN is my diary and my way of expressing how I feel. I know that this is not really what it is meant to be…but it is a way to capture how I feel.

I really don’t know how I’m going to get there for Sunday night 11.59pm in handing in my assignment.




Postermywall (2016). Aaron M, Panic Now and Freak out,  Postermywall: http://www.postermywall.com/index.php/posterbuilder/template/19090572c24f2f1d3f16a4e9d462808b#.V-SMOtJf3IU


eCoP sharing learnings

I’m working on the Group, Collaborative and Cooperative learning spaces page for my website.

I’m finding I’m switching between the pages to try and complete it on time.

Tonight I’m going back through the forum posts for week 5 to refresh my learning and understanding of what these learning spaces are about.

I think it would be a lot easier being a teacher in the classroom as I’m completing this assignment as I could reflect on my day to day teaching experiences and also be able to ‘apply’ my learnings each week as I progress through this unit.

Ahhh, this is what it’s all about….


Okay, it’s week 8 and the assignment is due on Sunday night.

I have just discovered the most amazing thing, that I love learning!!!

I am soooo tired as I’ve been working at this assignment until 1.30am most days (okay, yes admittedly I don’t get cracking until 9pm!!)

I kept thinking that my assignment as an eBook just wasn’t working.  I had it in my head that content is king.  If you have the content right you can format it anyway you like!

True – ah False..well not for me anyway!

lighbulb  My lightbulb moment came, over time…it was brewing! I kept thinking that the structure of my eBook was unorganised and I kept adding links to go out to other spaces, which was getting clunky!

Tonight I decided to take the plunge and create a website!!! Applause please…

And I discovered that it is fun to do!!  I was going to edit a website I’d created a couple of years ago using Weebly, as my thinking was the structure was already there. With encouragement from my family I decided to create a website in WordPress as my Blog is in WordPress.

It is not flash – but I can add to it as I go…

Now I’m only thinking – why couldn’t I have thought of this last week!!!!

Hmmm – Adam I can almost see you smiling and hear you say…just give it a go…You said to me to have fun with it.  The last two weeks have not been fun..BUT now they are…I just need to have more days in the week to now PLAY….

I love learning – thanks Adam 🙂



The challenges Adam is setting us – reflecting real life

With a week to go before Assignment Two is due to be handed in I was reflecting today about what Adam has tasked us to do.

The Assignment is quite opened ended

  • It has structure in that it provides a context ie sets the scene as to what the problem is that we are needing to work on
  • There are parameters –
    • we have to identify the 6 learning spaces
  • And for each of the 6 learning spaces we have to outline what the
    • strengths and challenges are for students
    • strengths and challenges are for teachers
    • approaches, resources and strategies we could consider for the particular learning space when redeveloping it

The challenge is that whilst there are broad pararemters to follow – they are broad, there’s no specific steps to follow and how we interepret each learning space is up to us.
Adam is not wanting us to ‘regurgitate’ the readings and reference material – as this is readily available.

What we could do is identify the learning material and reference it  – through linking out to a Google Doc – for more specific information on that learning space.

Adam has said that he is wanting us to not to be guided by the literature but take the reader (or in our case) the Principal of the school – out of the classroom and identify what are the strengths and challenges for the students and teachers.

In a way this mirrors real life – we as teachers (or in my case – potentially going back into the classroom) {Or in my actual situation me as a leader of a team working with my team in managing a programme} guide and ask our students to go on a journey with us every day.  For some students they may get the ‘problem’ we are talking about straight away and can apply it to a situation, however for other students it doesn’t make sense and they need to work out a way to distil the information we are presenting to them and unravel it to make sense to them…

Beyond the classroom is challenging us to not think of teaching as information sharing but on taking students on a learning journey with us.

A bit of jigsaw puzzle for learning.






Google Images. (2016). Jigsaw pieces. Retrieved from: http://tinyurl.com/z278voh



Checklists for Excursion and Incursion

Checklist for Excursion and Incursion using Checkli.com

Checkli is the application I found on online but by searching for checklists in the search function.

I found Checkli a little tricky at first to work out how to it. However once I experimented with it a few times it was easy to use.

I think it could be a good tool for students and teachers to use.

I had posted the link for my check list – https://www.checkli.com/s/oREz0HP – however it doesn’t appear to have opened correctly. Below is my checklist from using the snipping tool function on my computer.

Excursion checklist


Incursion Checklist using Checkli.com.


Websites and Apps for content curation

Storify According to  Sutton (2016) “Content curation is when an individual…finds, organizes, annotates and shares…digital content on a specific topic.”.

Diigo – a social networking website that allows users to bookmark and tag pages on the web. Users can highlight parts of a webpage and attach notes to specific sections

Pinterest –  “a social network that allows users to visually share, and discover new interests by posting (known as ‘pinning’ on Pinterest) images or videos to their own or others’ boards (i.e. a collection of ‘pins,’ usually with a common theme) and browsing what other users have pinned” (Meng, 2014).

Pearltrees – is a visual and collaborative curation tools. The website enables users to  collect, organize and share any information found online.  Users can upload photograhs, and own thoughts (Sutton, 2016).


Storify– is a social network service that allows users to create stories or timelines through collecting and publishing content from social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (Sutton, 2016).

Tweetdeck: allows users to organise their twitter accounts and chat sessions into lists. This makes it easier for the user to follow.


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