The opportunity to think

As I work through Module 1 – THCT500 for my Bachelor of Education, 4th Year Upgrade (Primary) I have found myself reflecting on the opportunity to question my faith and belief in God as a Catholic.

I am going to enjoy the opportunity to critically analyse and question my own beliefs and to work out how to express my learning throughout the course of this unit.

I am excited about the opportunity to engage and learn together with my fellow students. At the moment however it appears that the unit for THCT500 is merely a text book course that has been made available online.  At this stage there doesn’t appear to be any opportunities to encourage interaction with our lecturer or fellow students.

Not to be thwarted I am trying to connect to fellow students through Twitter – #THCT500

I’m back….

After a long time – since December 2016, I am reconnecting with my learning space and with university.

I had a vacation from uni in Semester One and really enjoyed reconnecting with my family and myself!

At times I thought it would be good to go and find out what was happening online but never ventured any further than my thoughts.

Now I am back studying, I am studying Foundations of Christian Faith this Semester and whilst it is the first week, I am enjoying the challenge of thinking critically when reading Module 1…